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Buyer's show
  • From: Mark Johnsson

    The design was pretty and attractive. And it felt smooth and soft. Very good, and I will come again.

  • From: Varun Kumar Gurusamy Dorairaj

    Got my bike, got my fancy pants, want to see if I am worth the noise rode 30 miles up and down the Mississippi River Trail not bad on first day I guess

  • From: Carl

    Even since I have bought this item, I have been biking a lot more and enjoy the fun more.

  • From: Christopher

    This is the first jersey and pants I bought online.I received the package yesterday after 10 days shipping.

  • From: Elvis

    Really easy to wear, comfortable, good padding without any pain after a 3 hours bike ride.

  • From: Phillip Jenkins

    Love this product! Comfortable, great padding and they're very supportive, with a great look.

  • From: Jeffery

    I am a person who prefers riding at night and enjoy the fun of riding at night.

  • From: Alfred

    Excellent fit and appearance, just like the color very much, very comfortable and very good to see.

  • From: Steven Lim

    Great ventilation and nice feature with the Hidden rear pockets for essentials and small things .